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Mom’s sharing happy words!

Happyimagination is a fantastic activity for children of all ages. I love Miss Vila’s art projects because the kids love doing them and don’t realize the hidden benefit of sitting for an hour, listening to instructions, and concentrating; they just see the fun they had in creating their little masterpieces.
Tina Serrao, Westmount. 2015.

When my 4-year old son was attending preschool, I was told art wasn’t his thing. He would hardly sit down to draw or paint, therefore his art production was quite limited. Then he started his classes with Happyimagination and the whole dynamic changed. I can’t believe how he has developed his interest for art over the last year. He’s eager to discover the projects he’s going to work on every week and actually manages to stay focus on them for 90 minutes. Thanks so much Vila for giving my son the opportunity to expand his creative skills. It’s such a pleasure to see him proudly sharing his work with the rest of the family when he comes back home after class!
Florence Dujoux, Westmount.2015.

happyimagination classes are very well -organised and always lots of fun; I’ve seen even reluctant crafters get absorbed in the various art projects Vila has carefully thought out.
R. Dajani, Westmount. 2015.

Miss Vila has been teaching my children for over 4 years and I love her approach! My youngest started working with her when he was 3 and could easily focus on her sessions for 90 minutes! He loves her stories, and is always excited to find out what special activities she has in store for him! In addition to critical thinking and an artistic flare, he has developed his fine motor skills through cutting and writing exercises. Thanks happyimagination for your gentle and caring approach!
Rebecca Fruchter, Hampstead. 2015.

My children have been doing art classes with happyimagination for about five years now. They have always looked forward to her fun and creative classes. They are challenged to use their minds to create wonderful sculptures, paintings and drawings. We have been very happy with happyimagination over the years.
Amanda Jelowicki, Westmount. 2015.

“Happyimagination has been a 2 weeks summer camp that my son Kylian 6 1/2 years old, enjoyed to the fullest. The organization of the camp is made to stimulate the kids artistic side of their personality, through various and fun activities. Vila Woo is a very nice person ready to make our kids feel instantly comfortable, and exciting to go to the camp every morning. That was the case with my son, who required to be register for an additional week. He was proud to show the outcome of the workshop ( drawings, paintings with decorative tape, and object creation). I really hope Happyimagination will live long, and we are looking forward to the next summer.Thank you Vila Woo!” Gabrielle Dadié Koch, Downtown, Montreal.2015

My 4-year-old daughter loved her art class with Vila in Westmount Park! The pieces she created were absolutely beautiful and way beyond anything she has done at her preschool. It was also fantastic to get feedback and photos by email about her experience. We will be proudly hanging the art and hope to sign our daughter up for another class on our next visit to Montreal. Thanks Vila!
Marianne W., Toronto. 2015

Happyimagination created an amazing birthday craft for my 4 year old and his friends and kept the kids happily engaged in the project for a full hour! All the parents were very impressed with the kids’ creations and the kids were so proud. I highly recommend happyimagination for children’s birthday parties!
Sara P. Westmount

“Happyimagination came to entertain a group of 9 girls for my daughter’s 5th birthday party and they all had an amazing time and were completely absorbed each creating their unique birdhouses with many colours and sparkly adornment for some very lucky or imaginary bird friends.
Happyimagination and Vila cleverly think of everything and arrive with a full kit to cover tables, hold paint and water, loads of decorative accessories and even make a bespoke take home bag to carry your treasure. Such a pleasure to host a party and get a chance to sit back and watch the enjoyment for an hour while the kids are being so happily engaged. Thanks for making the party such a success!”
Sharon F, Westmount.

“I cannot say enough great things about Miss Vila and happyimagination. My son looks forward to the class every week! He’s demonstrating more and more independent artistic exploration and it’s all thanks to Miss Vila who puts together such an imaginative, thought-provoking program. It’s truly a joy to receive photos from her of the kids at work during the class, not to mention the excited and proud debrief post-class from the artist himself.”  
Laura Osborne, Westmount

“Happyimagination is a wonderful company, idea, program. My daughter was positively engaged and enthralled at our last session with Vila – and she has since painted or crafted every day since! Introducing art in all its forms and guises to children is challenging, but Vila makes it work. Art and thinking and imagination and creating all come together in a stress-free environment that leaves young minds looking forward for more.”
Amy Creighton, NDG.

Thank you for the wonderful series of art classes you provided for Liam and his friends! It was a joy to see Liam become engaged in each activity and create such beautiful masterpieces. He is so proud of his pinchpot “nests with dinosaur eggs”! He loves to show them off! I love his cave drawings and heart painting. Each has a place of honor in our home.”  Sara Pederson, Westmount

“My son loves the happyimagination classes. Every week, a different theme is introduced to the children. It is not just about the art, but also about learning a variety of skills. The classes offered in the comfort of your home, to a small group of children, really allow for the attention and focus they need; and you can see the benefits of that in their work.” 
Kristine Velan, Westmount

“I wanted to thank you happyimagination for the classes you gave to Elizabeth. She truly enjoyed them, and I can tell with the results as they are pinned up all over my office. I know she actually learned something because there was a colour by numbers picture in a colouring book that asked for pink. When i looked at her 8 markers, I told her there was no pink. She quickly replied, “Yes, but we can mix the colours to get it”. 
Peggy Ortiz, LaSalle

So love this class! I have been very impressed by the level of artwork that the children and creating in each class. Vila has put incredible thought into her themes and execution of session and it shows!’  Tina Serrao, Westmount

“An excellent series of classes that not only encourages imagination and art appreciation, but also provides an educational element for its “young artists” in a warm learning environment. My daughter loves this program and looks forward to each class with immense anticipation.  And I am equally impressed, each time, with the amazing work that is produced and the pride it brings her.  I highly recommend happyimagination.”
Arabella Decker, Westmount

“Happyimagination puts the fun in art.  She provides an enriched program that focuses on Tristan’s interests and strengths.I am amazed by how much she has helped him improve his skills with various materials and techniques and also really impressed that she keeps him focus and working for the whole 75 minutes.Tristan loves working with the educator and looks forward to every class.” 
Solange Greene, LaSalle.