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Making Art from the Heart!



This Valentine’s project will steal your heart away! Imagine a picture frame, memory/jewelry box, and a decorated sculpture all in one! Get creative with the whole family or a Valentine’s play date! An awesome project for all ages. Educators will also enjoy using this lesson plan. Watch kids fill it with love!

3 different sizes.

3 different sizes.


    • A Book about Valentine’s Day

Valentine's book

  • Paint
  • Oil pastels
  • Markers
  • Paint brushes
  • Wooden boxesBoxesSmall boxes are recommended for toddlers or for large groups (more affordable). Medium size boxes are perfect for 4+. Just enough space to decorate and not too tiring for little hands. Older students have enough area to add details. Large boxes are recommended for 5+. More flexibility for drawing, stamping, and designing.
  • Decorations. All for $6 and can decorate up to 6 large boxes.
    Stickers, glitter glue,  and rhinestones.

    Stickers, glitter glue, and rhinestones.


    1. Read a Valentine’s story for inspiration.

    2. Paint and/apply oil pastels. Or apply with marker, dip a paintbrush in water, and apply over “markered” surface. This will give a watercolor effect.

    3. Have a blast adding decorations!

    4. Cut out a picture or make a drawing for the picture frame.

    5. Make a special gift and place it in the box.


    This sweet project could be completed in a few days. There is no rush!

    Day 1: Color the box inside and out using one or a combination of materials. (Paint, oil pastel, and markers). Older children can use a pencil or marker to make a design first.

    Day 2: Decorate the box

    Day 3: Cut out a photo or make a drawing.Insert into frame.

    Day 4: Make jewelry or a special surprise and place it in the box.

    Enjoy the project! Let me know if you have any questions.


Author: Vila Woo

Vila Woo. MA. Art Education, BFA, Certified Teacher and Personal Trainer. Vila and her team plans BIRTHDAY EVENTS, and offer weekly and single ART & YOGA classes for children ages 2 +. Classes are given in homes, schools, or hotels for guests. Plan your extra-curricular activities and Ped Days with us! This innovative program will keep your children happily engaged in awesome hands on activities.

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