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happyimagination wishes you a very merry holiday!

Have a magical X-mas holiday everyone!!

I would like to share some special holiday masterpieces with you made by some very young artists.

During the month of December, children ages 2 – 8 created some innovative art work.  They made holiday cards, christmas trees, and cute little squirrels.  The children adore working with various materials and most of all have fun mixing and matching materials to see what would happen.


All the best!

Miss Vila


 Let’s make floating decorations on our cards!

Don't tell Mom and Dad that this card is for them!

Ha ha we are in the card!

So much fun making a family of Trees!

Can you find the presents hidden under the tree?

 This card is for you!!

Look at the colorful background!


Bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Created by a 2 year old

I love painting pine cones? What will I do with it?

Look at those cool cards and squirrel in a sled.

Can you find Frosty?


Author: Vila Woo

Vila Woo. MA. Art Education, BFA, Certified Teacher and Personal Trainer. Vila and her team plans BIRTHDAY EVENTS, and offer weekly and single ART & YOGA classes for children ages 2 +. Classes are given in homes, schools, or hotels for guests. Plan your extra-curricular activities and Ped Days with us! This innovative program will keep your children happily engaged in awesome hands on activities.

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