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Green with Envy

This past week, children have been making festive St. Paddy’s art projects. They learned to make tints of green, created a mixed media clover leaf,  and decorated a St. Paddy’s hat!  Let’s celebrate and learn about St. Patrick’s Day! Talk about the country Ireland, its culture, and the significance of a clover leaf.  http://holidays.kaboose.com/patrick-history.html


What is the difference between a tint and a shade? A tint is when a color is mixed into white, and a shade is when black is added to a color. All you need is 3 colors of paint to make tints of green (blue, yellow, and white).  Feel free to use ready made  green paint.

Step 1.  Mix a dab of blue paint into yellow paint. If you would like a darker green, gradually add more blue.

Step 2.  Now add a dab of green paint that was just mixed,  into white, and you will get a gorgeous mint green. Gradually add more green into white paint to build a darker tint of green.

TIP – Begin with adding a dark color into the lighter color. This will give you more flexibility to control the range of colors, AND save on paint!

Have fun!

We love our green hats!!


Can you see what is written on my bracelet? "Kiss Me I'm Irish."


Check out our St. PADDY’S ART PROJECTS

Printing and painting.

Oh so much fun! Look at my clover leaf!!

Lucky Me!

Let's create some texture.

Minimalists (Age 4)

Let's not forget the leprechauns.





Author: Vila Woo

Vila Woo. MA. Art Education, BFA, Certified Teacher and Personal Trainer. Vila and her team plans BIRTHDAY EVENTS, and offer weekly and single ART & YOGA classes for children ages 2 +. Classes are given in homes, schools, or hotels for guests. Plan your extra-curricular activities and Ped Days with us! This innovative program will keep your children happily engaged in awesome hands on activities.

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