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How many classes do I sign up for?
We offer single classes (holiday, PED days) and sessions of 10 classes.

What is a Host Parent?
When the class meets at your home, you are the “host parent”.  When children from more than one family sign up for 10-class session, we normally meet at the same home on a weekly basis.  This works best for children who like a consistent routine. The host parent pays a reduced fee while other families pay regular fees. When a group of parents prefer to take turns hosting, we can make those arrangements. (The first host parent pays the full amount of the reduced rate and the group works out the discount among themselves).

Where are the classes or parties held?
When you are the host parent, the teacher comes to your home or setting with all supplies and the children meet there. The teacher sets up and cleans up at the end of each class.

Can  I stay in the same room with my child?
If child insists that his/her parent stays in the room, the parent is welcome to stay and can gradually step away once the child feels comfortable. Otherwise, we suggest that parents tell their children they are waiting in another room or will pick them up at the end of class.

How should my room be set up for art class / fitness class?
A room or space without distraction (TV, pets, etc) works best for both art and fitness class. You will need a table with ample space for the number of children to work.  The teacher will provide a covering for the table.

For fitness class, we suggest that children wear indoor shoes.

What if I find the art space at my home untidy after art class?
Children are encouraged to tidy up their personal art space.  The teacher is responsible for ensuring the overall art space is clean and leaving it in its original condition. Please talk to her if you feel it isn’t.

What if my child’s clothes get dirty?
Some art projects can get messy and we recommend that children wear a smock (one of Dad’s old shirts?) to protect their clothes.  We cannot be responsible for children’s clothes worn during art class.

Making  payment
You sign up 10 classes and pay the full fee in advance by bank transfer. If you prefer to pay by cheque addressed to Vila Woo, you can do so at the first class.

For single classes, you can pay in advance by bank transfer or when the teacher arrives.

A $50 deposit (non refundable) is required to book time and date for Parties.

What happens if I have to cancel a class?
If a class has to be cancelled, parents should advise the teacher by phone or email no later than 24 hours before class.

We can reschedule a group class cancelled with  24 hours notice with no additional fee so long as the teacher and all parents agree on a day and time.  With less than 24 hours notice, we can’t reschedule and you are responsible for the fees.

What if my child misses a class?
If a student cannot attend class, we can’t reschedule a makeup or have another child take his or her place.

What if the teacher cancels a class?
We only cancel classes for emergencies and will let parents know as soon as possible. We will work with you to reschedule the class at a convenient time.

What if I arrive late for class?
Parents who are hosting an art class should be home or have a  responsible adult at home 30 minutes before the class begins.  The teacher is not responsible for making up lost time.

What if the teacher arrives late?
The teacher will let parents know as soon as possible if she is unavoidably delayed and will make up lost time on the same day or at another class, depending on the parents’ schedule.

Can my child bring a friend to class?
As long as the host parent welcomes a guest child to join the group, the teacher is happy to have an additional participant.   Please let us know in advance if another child wishes to participate so we can ensure we bring enough supplies for everyone. Please view rates for drop in fee.

The  “drop in” fee varies depending on group size and duration of class. Please view rates for more information.

Because we purchase all our art supplies in advance and book our schedule according to our commitment to you, we cannot offer refunds.