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DIY- Top 3 healthy snacks


Imagine playing with food AND making edible art! Two activities activities packed into one healthy hour or more.

This year at summer camp, the happyimagination crew will be transforming healthy foods into dazzling masterpieces! Try these crafty snack ideas in your own kitchen or backyard.

Safety first. If your child is allergic to any of the foods below, please replace it with a safe alternative. Make sure an adult is present to assist with cutting or preparing fruits and vegetables.

Benefits: Strawberries are filled with vitamin C, and bananas contain loads of potassium.
Shopping list: Strawberries and bananas. Wooden skewers and plastic knives.
– Cut fruit in advance for younger children.
– Make sure strawberries and bananas are sliced at least a 1/4 inch thick, and use a whole strawberry for the head (cut off green).
-Children 2.6 and under can stack fruit pieces side by side to make their snake.
strawberries and banana snake
Benefits: Crunchy cucumber and celery contain about 96% water. Did you know that celery aids the digestive system?
Shopping list: Celery, cucumber, and your choice of spread (nut butter, hummus, greek yogurt or cream cheese). Raisins, quinoa puffs or chickpeas for eyes. Thinly shaved carrot or chive for antennae. A plastic knife to fill celery with spread.
– Cucumber slices should be thick enough to hold up in spread.
– Apple slices would work too!
Veggie snail
Benefits: Filled with potassium and vitamin C.
Shopping list: Grapes. Toothpicks without color.
– Puncture holes into grapes in advance for younger children or children who may find this task to be challenging.
– Older children will enjoy using different size grapes and learn about weight distribution.
Going grapes
Summer Camp
To learn more about playing with food, join our summer camp or drop in for the day! Starts June 22nd – July 24th held at King George Park. Art, Cooking and Soccer with the National Soccer School. (Check out some of our art and playing with food activities!

Contact Miss Vila for information.vilawoo@gmail.com 514.445.2695

Author: Vila Woo

Vila Woo. MA. Art Education, BFA, Certified Teacher and Personal Trainer. Vila and her team plans BIRTHDAY EVENTS, and offer weekly and single ART & YOGA classes for children ages 2 +. Classes are given in homes, schools, or hotels for guests. Plan your extra-curricular activities and Ped Days with us! This innovative program will keep your children happily engaged in awesome hands on activities.

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