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June 15, 2015
by Vila Woo

TOP 4 DIY crafts using recylables

It is easy to collect and find paper towel rolls and plastic/glass bottles at home. Don’t forget about those unused discs sitting in your desk or canvas tote bags stashed in your kitchen shelf. happyimagination summer camp will show children how to create stunning masterpieces using recyclable materials! If you can’t join us at King George Park, happyimagination is happy to share 4 easy DIY crafts for you and your family. It is affordable and minimal supplies is required.
TIP: For mess free projects use markers or sharpies, decorative tape, and stickers instead of paint.

UNDERWATWER CD CREATURES. Greet and impress guests with masterpieces hung by the entrance.
Materials: CD’s, scissors, sturdy paper, glue or double sided tape, paint or markers.
1. Place CD over paper and draw an outline of an animal (or person, house, …).
2. Color or paint the animal before cutting.
3. Cut. Glue on disc, and decorate!
Tip: Color and paint before cutting. This will prevent paper from curling.
happyimagination CD's
BOTTLES OF FUN . Decorate your coffee table with groovy looking vases filled with fresh flowers.
Materials: bottles, primer, paint, markers or sharpies.
1. Prime bottles and let dry. Use leftover primer found in your garage.
2. Paint and make designs and patterns. Wavy lines, circles, dots…
Tip: Fill plastic bottles with some pebbles to add weight.
happyimagination bottles
ROLLS OF ART. Fill the mantle with abstract sculptures. Materials: paper towel rolls, markers or paint, decorative tape and stickers.
1. Cut rolls to size.
2. Create a design or pattern.
3. Attach pieces together using tape.
Tip: Cut the edges in a special shape such as zig zags and curvy lines.

Materials: Tote bags (new or from a store), fabric paint and oil pastels, paper towel rolls, stencils, pencil with eraser tops.

There are 3 ways you can paint onto tote bags. More ideas.
1. Dip paper towel roll into a tray of paint and print. If it starts to get soggy, use the opposite side. For those who like details, use a pencil eraser top or other fun objects to print.
2. Use stencils to trace images (alphabets, animals…)
3. Free painting.
Let dry. Place tea towel over painted areas and iron over for a few minutes to set paint. Paint will be permanent and you can throw it into the wash.
Tip: If you prefer a mess free project, use paper towel rolls to print.