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November 8, 2015
by Vila Woo

How art helps with writing

After reading this article on how children enter school with lack of fine motor skills to write, I wanted to share my view in supporting how art can contribute greatly to learning how to write.


According to my experience as an art teacher, I believe starting art at a young age (such as toddlers) and participating in art classes on a consistent basis has a positive impact in learning how to write.

I plan specific activities catered to different age groups or individuals starting as young as 18 months. There is a purpose why I select certain art materials and how materials are used and applied. For example, my group of 2 year olds decorated a collage of a tree using buttons, glitter glue, and stickers to represent ornaments. When you look at the final product, some people say it’s cute and see buttons glued onto a tree. There is more to it then meets the eye. The assigned exercises were squeezing glitter glue tubes, picking up buttons, and peeling stickers. If you could only see the process of how children manipulate the materials with effort and concentration. Toddlers were focused on squeezing glitter glue tubes using both hands, patiently peeling stickers and sticking them onto their art, and picking up buttons, accidentally dropping theme and trying again.

Did you know that all of these tasks require using thumb and index fingers? Strengthening the thumb and index fingers help with developing muscular control.

Just food for thought. What are your thoughts?