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Autumn Trees

Look at our two youngest students making an Autumn Tree.
Ages 22 month old young lady and her classmate 2 year old gentleman.

The following pictures demonstrate children working on theme based activities. This week’s theme was Autumn Leaves. The children first listened and looked at a story book titled, “Magic Colors”, and then played a mystery game with a paper bag. These activities help to reinforce what they are learning.

Look at the following pictures to see the rest of the lesson plan.

Nice job!!

Traced arms and hands to make the shape of a tree and branches.


Let's shake the bag first. What's in the bag?


Gluing different textured leaves. Glue is a very popular item in this class!


Painting with a brush, sponge brush, and a sponge, as well as with our fingers!!!

Reveiwing Fall colors by playing a matching game using tongue depressors.


Age 2. Look how the leaves are blowing to the left. Nice balance with the yellow on the ground and red on the tree.


Age 22 months. Look at the vibrant colors and textures on this painting. How many different art techniqus can you find?



Author: Vila Woo

Vila Woo. MA. Art Education, BFA, Certified Teacher and Personal Trainer. Vila and her team plans BIRTHDAY EVENTS, and offer weekly and single ART & YOGA classes for children ages 2 +. Classes are given in homes, schools, or hotels for guests. Plan your extra-curricular activities and Ped Days with us! This innovative program will keep your children happily engaged in awesome hands on activities.

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